On the Way to Utah: Part IV

After spending our two nights at Bryce Canyon National Park we headed even further east. On ward to Canyonlands! My dad was super excited to take me here. I was a little disappointed we didn’t have the time to travel down to the Grand Canyon, but my dad said Canyonlands was better anyways. Obviously I still want to go to the Grand Canyon some day, but he was right. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest with Canyonlands National Park. But before I get carried away with the beautiful scenery of the park itself I can’t forget to mention the drive there.


After all this BEAUtiful scenery we found ourselves driving through Capital Reef National Park.


And then finally Canyonlands!! I didn’t know what I was expecting, I guess just a bunch more canyons, but this was so much more epic than that. Every trip that I have gone on with my dad there has been an “AH-HA!” moment, where the view literally takes my breath away for a few moments. This place is magical!



I could probably post all of the two hundred photos I took of this place and still do it no justice. If you ever get a chance to come here, GO!! The one down fall is that they only have one camp site and there are only like ten spots, and they’re first come first serve. So good luck! We didn’t have such luck and had to drive a ways out of the park to find a spot. Even then the campground we turned into had very few spots and none of them were open. But there was a road leading down a way and happened to be BLM land, so why not? It in my opinion was the best spot we had. And the sunset was killer.


This was a great night spent with my pa. We managed to get a fire going for a decent amount of time considering how much wood we had left. We drank the rest of our beers and just talked. Very relaxing and heart warming. I love my father so garsh dang much. As much as Canyonlands is already magical, he made it that much more special for me.



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