Millersylvania State Park, WA

I finally purchased my Discover Pass so I can start getting my feet dirty up here in Washington. So excited! We found ourselves at Millersylvania State Park. It was a blustery day, which I don’t really mind. Full of raindrops, windy gusts, and squishy mud. I quite enjoyed myself. What I appreciated about Millersylvania was that you got elements of multiple things. There was a nice wooded area:

unnamed (6)unnamed (5)

As well as open marshy marshes. I am curious to see what she looks like during the summer months when it’s a bit more dry. There is an obvious creek that goes through the park, but it seems during the winter it spreads a bit. There are many path ways that are built up to avoid wading through the spread waters.  unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)unnamed (7)

To top it all off there is a pretty good sized lake. I’m sure in the warmer months it’s a good place to be. I saw a couple places roped off as swimming areas and a couple paddle boats. Definitely on the list to come back this summer. Though I’m sure it’s packed and I am not overly fond of packed places when I do my outdoorsy time. Lake and Josh

The one thing that would have been a bit more convenient was a clear map of where trails went. The ones they have, which aren’t at every intersection, are poorly marked. We did many loops we did not intend to do because maps were just a smidge inaccurate. But that’s where the fun is, not having a plan and just going where the path takes you.

All in all it was a superb day in the Pacific North West. Nice and wet, just what one can expect in early March.


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