On the Way to Utah: Part III


We made it to Utah! Our first stop on day 3 was Parowan Gap. Many centuries ago Native Americans traveling through the area stopped and carved designs onto the surfaces of large boulders found on the east side of the gap. Over the years many of the boulders have been covered with these chiseled figures known as petroglyphs. We saw not only these carvings from Native Americans but also from the old settlers.



Even if those settlers are from way back when were they still  masters of vandalism?


The road from here to our next destination was no less than gorgeous. The drive to Bryce Canton National Park only took a couple of hours from here. The aspens were in full swing and the views were jaw dropping. 20161003_11053220161003_11132520161003_11265920161003_121838

I finally got to see the Red Rock Country that I was so eager to see. We didn’t make any reservations on this trip. But we didn’t have a problem finding a camp site. The only negative thing I have to say about our site is that there weren’t many trees. I just like trees and they make my camp site feel more homey. It also would have been  nice to have a bit more of a wind break. It was extremely cold at night here a well but by day three we were well on our way to being used to it. It was nice to be in a popular place and still have it be so quiet. I really enjoy camping when you hear the sound of nature versus children running around and playing. I enjoyed being here in October.


The sunset on our first night through the trees wasn’t too shabby either.


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