On the Way to Utah: Part II

After we had our morning coffee and breakfast we left Steens Mountain and set out for the next stop. We didn’t really know where that was. My dad kept mentioning Alvord hot springs and that we should check them out. This trip was supposed to be a week long excursion throughout Oregon. Well that changed pretty quickly as we decided if we left now we could make it to some red rock country, which is what I kept asking for. So off through Nevada we went!


For anyone that has never driven through Nevada this is what it looks like. The first five minutes is gorgeous. Maybe because there is an appreciation for the new landscape. I love the desert…but a nine hour drive through it get’s a little old a little fast.

Our goal for day 2 was to make it as close to Utah as possible. We did a pretty good job as we landed at the Great Basin National Park. Driving into it isn’t very exciting, at least it wasn’t for me. I had butterflies in my stomach  because I was excited to cross another National Park off my list, but it looked like more dessert except on a hill (which is actually a mountain).

Well drive a little ways into that mountain and my mind had changed. It was gorgeous. I think one of my favorites camp sites we stayed in on this trip. The cool thing about the desert is that there are these little spots, these oasis’s, that provide the colorful vibrant life that I am so used to in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We were surrounded by the aspen trees and had a creek right next door.


We rolled in pretty late and left early the next day but the night stayed at this spot stuck out to me for one major reason, the stars! I wish I had a fancy camera to work with exposures and all that to capture the beauty, but I cant afford those things. So I have the memory of laying on the bench of our picnic table and seeing millions of twinkling stars overhead. If there is one reason to visit the desert it’s because of the stars. With no light pollution and rarely any clouds, it is the place to be if you want to fall asleep start gazing.

These trips always mean so much to me. It’s the first time I was able to know my dad as a person other than just dad. After our first road trip together he became one of my best friends. I really can tell him anything, and that’s nice because I know he’ll still love me 😉
But on a serious note, these trips have brought us so close together and for that I am grateful. To have someone in your life that has the same interests as you, and wants to show you the world and experience it with you is a true blessing. It’s the nine hour car rides though the desert (in-between my naps) and quiet nights under the stars that give us the opportunity for conversation that I will cherish for a lifetime.



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