Remember Where You Came From

I recently moved up to Washington state. So far so good, but I’ve been getting a little homesick. I am originally from the Willamette Valley in Oregon and I can honestly say it’s my favorite place to be. Before I moved to Washington I lived in the Portland area. Don’t get me wrong I love moving to new places and seeing what the local culture has to offer, especially anywhere in the Pacific North West. But something about coming back home fills my soul. I’m not talking about visiting my family or friends (although this is a lot to do with it), I am referring to the places I went as I grew up. Where I spent my days in the summer, or my nights as a teenager.16123399_1215232768592369_3727391546836779008_n1

I visited one of those places the other day. The nice thing about growing up in a tiny town is that the locals are really the only ones that know about the beautiful places to go but they’ve been there a million times so they are usually pretty empty, which is awesome for me! I went to Larwood Bridge just to get away and take a few deep breaths with nothing to interrupt me but the sound of Thomas Creek rushing by. It’s in the middle of winter so the air was brisk and ground damp and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. For at that moment in time it was exactly what I needed. There is an old paved path that is slightly overgrown with moss that leads down to the water. It has a natural bend to it as the ground has been eroded over time. It makes for a perfect place for one to lay down and take a few pondering breaths. Time to think about the good and the beautiful. It’s moments like these that will always have me coming back home.

If you don’t have one or multiple of these places I suggest you go out and find one! For me it’s being surrounded by nature. Having earth beneath my feet instead of concrete and the sounds of birds, wind or water around me instead of conversation and traffic. If that is what makes you relax and come back to yourself then by all means. I believe we should all have a place to call home, a place to take a deep breath and feel completely relaxed. A place to lose yourself and find yourself again. To me home isn’t just the structure provided for you to stay warm and sheltered. Home is the place where you feel the most at ease.  To me this is home.


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